Garage Doors installation

There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about garage door installation. What kind of garage door do you need? Automatic or manual? How will you make the biggest door in your house match the rest of your home? At Tripple Power, we can help you make the right choices before and during your garage door installation. At Tripple Power we’re dedicated to convenient, quality service for all our customers from the moment they call us right up until the point where the last spring is installed.

Tripple Power’ garage door installations are fast, simple and affordable. Give us a call today at 011 056 5440 or email to find out more.

We’ll Fit into Your Schedule

At Tripple Power we understand you have a busy life. We book our services in convenient 2 hour blocks so you have a better idea of when your garage door installation will happen and don’t have to wait around at home all day. We can also upon request give you a courtesy call 30 minutes before our technicians arrive. That’s just some of the ways used by our team at Tripple Power to keep our customers informed every step of the way during garage door installations.

Tilt, Sectional and Roller Door Repair in Johannesburg

At Tripple Power, we don’t just install garage doors – we also offer a comprehensive service in repairs and maintenance.

So when does a garage door need a service?

The last thing you need is to come home with a car full of shopping and kids to find out that you can’t get into the garage. Add some pouring rain to that scenario and you have a desperate situation on your hands!

That’s why we recommend having your door serviced by a Tripple Power service technician every 12 months.

We service and repair roller doors in Johannesburg, as well as tilt and sectional doors. Our friendly, fully trained technicians can come out for a quick check to ensure that everything is functioning properly. This will help you avoid tricky situations in the future and ensure a longer-lasting, smoother-running door.

You can also contact us for:

  • Replacement parts
  • Coding new or existing remote controls
  • General service and support

The nitty gritty:
With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we are well-equipped to provide garage door installation, service and support, Tripple Power is the obvious solution for all your servicing needs. We will happily come to your home or office, and can also provide support and services for brands other than Tripple Power, subject to availability of supplier parts.

​Our service team specialises in:

  • Lubrication, maintenance and alignment check
  • Sectional, tilt and roller door repairs  and replacement parts (both new and existing)
  • Replacement motors, motor electronics and parts
  • Coding new or existing remotes
  • Replacement tracks and brackets
  • Replacement weather seals, cables and springs
  • Install garage door barrels, keys or locks

Helpful maintenance tips
Our company offers the following tips for preserving the lifespan of our products.

  • Door springs often lose their tension – this is normal. We therefore advise that you regularly test the spring tension by opening and closing it. If your door is fitted with an automatic opener it must be disengaged before doing this. A door that maintains appropriate tension will require the same amount of energy to open as it does to close.
  • Use a small amount of white lithium grease spray to lubricate steel hinges and springs.
  • A clean cloth and some WD40 can be used to clean the tracks.

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